Lasevaweb Global Web Services Vic Osona

Programming web and apps


We have a multidisciplinary team with several years of experience in the ICT sector that allows us to offer tailor-made solutions in web programming as well as the maximum adaptation to the criteria and needs of each client. Our web pages are made with Wordpress with professional templates, adapted for correct indexing and SEO positioning. We will be your technology advisor throughout the process: prior meeting of requirements and needs, system analysis, design and implementation.


We can create your online store to suit your needs using Prestashop and using the Wordpress Woo-Commerce plugin or with custom programming, whichever is more effective. What is Prestashop? It is a free and open source content management system designed to build from scratch online stores that allows us to customize the web, adapt add-ons to do the desired business operations, add modules to improve SEO to receive more visits and also connect them with other tools (e.g. payment with POS or Bizum).


Having a team involved in a maintenance and upgrade service project is crucial. With Lasevaweb you can focus on growing your project with the security of having a technology partner to accompany you in your day to day.
Why is it important to keep your project up to date?

  • Improve the security of your website
  • Improve SEO positioning and study its evolution
  • Speed ​​and performance optimization
  • Ensure proper operation when adding new features
  • Resolve issues quickly