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Our team consists of several professionals in all ICT disciplines such as web and mobile application developers, database experts, professionals with Power BA. Thanks to our experience, we can offer technological solutions adapted to the needs of your business in order to optimize processes, reduce costs and improve daily tasks.

We accompany you in all the phases of the integration process of our products, from the initial assessment of needs to regular follow-ups to offer you maximum peace of mind.

We have our offices in Vic, near Barcelona. Contact us and we will study together how we can help you.

Our team

Gerard Hernàndez Lasevaweb - programació web osona


Clara Vila Lasevaweb - Programació disseny pàgines web osona vic


Arnau Llopart Lasevaweb - pàgines web osona vic ecommerce


Esther Fraile Lasevaweb - Disseny web Osona vic pàgines web


Ruth Torres Lasevaweb - Desenvolupament web Osona Vic


Eric Lasevaweb - Desenvolupament web vic osona


Enric Serrat Lasevaweb - Desenvolupament web Osona Vic


Esteve Autet Lasevaweb - Desenvolupament web Osona Vic