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Business Intelligence and Analytics

We help you transform your business data into intelligent and easy-to-understand visualizations, with the updated and real information you need to make decisions. Discover our package for SMEs that can be financed with aid from the kit digital program.

Execution percentages associated with the phases:

  • First: 80%
  • Second: 20%

Functionalities and services

  • Integration of data with other databases: access to other databases and comparisons with the exposed data.
  • Data storage: storage capacity of at least 1 GB per user.
  • Creation of structured and visual data panels: personalized data panels with relevant data and different forms of visualization.
  • Data export: you can export data to images or Excel documents, creating synergies and compatibility with different programs that you commonly use.
  • Technical support: we offer you a professional technical service and we will assist you in less than 24 hours.
  • Training: we include the basic training so that you can manage the website if there are any problems.

Beneficiary segment

  • 0 < 3 workers: 1.500€ (includes 1 user)
  • 3 < 9 workers: 2.000€ (includes 1 user)
  • 10 < 50 workers: 4.000€ (includes 3 users)

Our solution

    With Microsoft Power BI you will be able to connect to data, model it and visualize it with ease, by creating memorable reports personalized with your KPIs and brand. Get fast, AI-powered answers to your business questions, even when asking in conversational language.

  • Power BI is a collection of software services, applications, and connectors that work together to turn unrelated data sources into coherent, interactive, and visually compelling information. Your data can be an Excel spreadsheet or a collection of hybrid cloud-based and on-premises data stores. Power BI makes it easy to connect to data sources, visualize and discover what's important, and share it with anyone or as many people as you want.
  • Easily work together on the same data, collaborate on reports, and share insights using popular Microsoft Office applications like Microsoft Teams and Excel, enabling everyone in your organization to quickly make data-driven decisions. data that drives strategic actions.

Our solution includes

  • Power BI Pro license from €100.80/user/year*
  • Departmental reports (depending on the data source) services from €1,500*
  • Power BI training 25h – from €1,625*
  • Support bag – from 8pm – €1,200*

  • *VAT not included

    Project Management Software where you can plan, view, collaborate and control your team. It allows you to take control of the finances of your projects in real time and review the initial budget, expenses and time spent using a time register.
    Working as a team assigning tasks and notifying about changes of state instantly.
    It readily schedules the necessary visits, meetings and events.
    You can differentiate from competition by helping you achieve optimum productivity and increase profits.

Our solution includes

    For companies with 10-49 employees

  • Up to 49 users
  • Unlimited Contacts
  • Management and custom customer record
  • Capturing potential customers through (Leads) manually
  • Customer opportunity management
  • Sending commercial proposals and communications from the platform.
  • Reporting, reports, planning and integrated commercial follow-up.
  • Personalized alerts and warnings.
  • Online document management.
  • Responsive multi-device design.
  • Integration with various platforms through API or webservice.
  • 100 Gb storage space.
  • Backups included.
  • Support via ticket system


    Solution price from 2000 €
    * VAT not included

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