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At Lasevaweb we know the importance of having a good domain and web hosting adapted to the needs of your business. We take care of making it available, buying it and renewing it. We will also offer you the ideal accommodation for your business, so that you do not have to pay for space that you will not use.


We specialize in providing technology advice to organizations of all types adapting to the nature of your business and your needs.
Why is it necessary to invest in an ICT consultant?
It gives you the freedom to focus on your business
Have external support from a specialized team
Fear of providing a new perspective of needs based on their experience in similar projects
Improves business profitability
It gives you more security
Improves business productivity and efficiency


We analyze the use of telecommunications equipment and computers for the transmission, processing, storage, retrieval and manipulation of data to support judges, courts, individuals, organizations and / or companies in any computer technical aspect in possible tests in judicis.
Some examples would be:

  • Piracy
  • Abuse of individual privacy
  • Misuse of emails
  • Erase confidential data or files from hard or external disks
  • Software manipulation