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Process Management

Digitize and/or automate business processes related to the operational or productive aspects of the beneficiary companies.

Execution percentages associated with the phases:

  • First: 70%
  • Second: 30%

Features and services

  • Digitalization and/or automation of processes and workflows: you will have digitized and/or automated processes such as:
    • Accounting/finance: accounts receivable/payable, asset management and generation of closings and balances, etc.
    • Billing: automation of billing processes with the generation of budgets, delivery notes and invoices.
    • Projects: control of budgets, costs, estimates, optimization of resources, etc.
    • Inventory: forecast, stock levels, shipments, distributions, returns and cancellations, etc
    • Purchases and payments: management of purchase orders and suppliers.
    • Human resources: human resources management, payroll, etc.
    • Logistics: fleet and route management, among others.
  • Integration with various platforms: the solution will have APIs or Web Services for integration with other tools.
  • Updatable: you will access solution updates with new versions.
  • Scalable: if your company grows or changes structurally, the solution will adapt to these changes.
  • Compliance: you can ensure compliance with the applicable regulations, specifically the Regulation that regulates the billing obligations of Royal Decree 1619/2012, as well as any other regulations of application.

Beneficiary segment

  • 0 < 3 employees: 500€ (includes 1 user)
  • 3 < 9 employees: 2.000€ (includes 3 users)
  • 10 < 50 employees: 6.000€ (includes 10 users)

Our solution

Integral web system and mobile application for the signing and management of workers in companies. Our own solution allows an agile and reliable control of the whole process of signing allow the workers the management of his labor schedule, contract and the management of the holidays and the absences.

Our solution includes

  • Face-to-face or remote signing
  • Localized inputs and outputs
  • File with or without internet connectivity
  • Check and list file transfers between dates
  • Custom reports and annual calendar
  • Comprehensive management of multi-work schedules of companies
  • Allows requesting validated business and vacation days by the company
  • Management of absences (leave, leave)
  • Monitoring and reporting absenteeism
  • Manager of workers categorizing them and document manager (contracts, agreements, payroll ...)
  • Web and mobile application management
  • File through NFC keychains
  • Permission-delimited user roles (Administrator, Boss, Worker, File)
  • Lists and reports in detailed format or grouped by category / temporarily
  • Calendars tailored to each user type
  • Information managers via drag & drop (drag) NO-WORKERS, WORKING-HOURS, ...
  • Possibility of positioning (GPS) the positioning if the company so desires
  • Create customizable alerts
  • Data import and export API that allows us to interconnect via SENDITUM across multiple platforms. We have the ability to connect to any API
  • Training for administrators and employees
  • User manuals included
  • Compatible and functional with the MyProductium Tasks application
  • Hourly data Backup


  • 1-2 workers: 450€ per year
  • 3-10 workers: 800€ per year
  • 11-50 workers: 2,000€ per year

  • ** Special prices if the application is complemented by Myproductium TASKS
Web system and mobile application for creating tasks so you can control the time spent on each task.

Our solution includes

  • Creating a task tree structure
  • Worker management
  • Ability to manage worker permissions and view certain tasks
  • Possibilities of validation by a superior of the chronometers of the tasks
  • Diet module to link tasks to diets
  • Lists and reports in detailed format or grouped by category / temporarily
  • Document manager linked to tasks
  • Data import and export API that allows us to interconnect via SENDITUM across multiple platforms. We have the ability to connect with any API
  • Training for administrators and workers
  • User manuals included
  • Compatible and functional with the MyProductium Laboral application
  • Hourly data Backup


  • 1-2 workers: € 350 per year
  • 3-10 workers: € 600 per year
  • 11-50 workers: € 2,000 per year

  • ** Special prices if the application is complemented by Myproductium LABORAL
API solution for connecting to multiple information management systems for automated sending of emails and SMS.

Our solution includes

  • Possible adaptations to CRM's and ERP's that have ways to link to us and extract data.
  • The application is able to interconnect with SAGE, KAIS, among many others, as well as the ability to connect to multiple databases such as Oracle, MySQL and SQL SERVER among others.
  • Possible configuration of scheduled tasks for automatic completion of these tasks when they are desired to happen.
  • Lists and reports with details of actions taken at all times as well as alerts via alerts if events occur other than those desired.


    From € 300 per year up to € 2000
    * VAT not included
    * SMS prices not included in the solution.
Application for the management of registrations to events and purchase of tickets online with validation through QR codes

Our solution includes

  • Event settings.
  • Set up customer-managed payment gateways.
  • Full and easy integration into the customer's website.
  • Real-time ticket sales or registration control.
  • Detailed event reports.
  • Ticketing management at the box office.
  • Read QR entries and validate in 1 second using the app available for Android and IOS
  • Partial and complete information on event capacity.
  • Registration linked to a QR
  • Personalized, controllable invitations
  • Log logging to assess visitor influx
  • APIs available to link the capacity of each event in real time
  • Hourly data Backup
  • Multiple user roles (administrator, box office, driver, ... )
  • Personalization, if applicable, of the POS to be used if registrations are to be charged (Redsys POS, BIZUM, Paypal, Paycomet, ...)


    From 1000 € per year up to 2000 € depending on the number of events and the volume of registrations
    * VAT not included
Comprehensive business management system, budgets, work order management as well as submission to a delivery note system automatically.

Our solution includes

  • Customer management
  • Creating and controlling your budget status
  • Link to additional product management and billing systems
  • Creating and managing work orders that will be performed by workers.
  • Configuring the different places and tasks to perform on work orders
  • Mobile application for the management of work orders, they can incorporate the time of completion of tasks, marking of tasks to be performed and those performed and positioning on a map of where work orders should be performed. li>
  • Alert and indicator system
  • Customizable lists and reports with multiple filters
  • Budget status check charts for real-time execution status.
  • Managing work orders for shipping to billing systems
  • Customizable settings for different documents generated by the application
  • Multiple user profiles (administrators, bosses, employees, clients, ...)
  • Managing customer tasks and sites via QR
  • Customizable Backup
  • Training and user manuals included in the solution
  • Possibility to configure the different documents generated by the application


  • 1-2 workers: € 800 per year
  • 3-10 workers: € 1,300 per year
  • 11-50 workers: € 2,000 per year

stock comandes

A stock management system for a particular product where we can generate orders from customers and control their delivery in real time.

Our solution includes

  • Comprehensive customer manager with tax information and shipping addresses
  • Ordering this product to customers
  • Automatic creation by setting the day (s) of the week that the order is to be generated
  • Daily order listings
  • Possibility to have orders with shipping or at the point of collection
  • Automatically create your order invoice with automatic emailing
  • Shipment management can generate a shipping route
  • Multiple user profiles (Administrators, STOCK Managers, Distributor, Clients, ..)
  • Connectivity API for automatic stock entry, customers
  • Generating billing lists
  • Customizable settings for different documents generated by the application
  • Mobile application for managing collection points and the carrier to mark whether or not the order has been delivered
  • Hourly data backups
  • Training
  • User Manuals


    Solution price € 2000
    * VAT not included
    Project Management Software where you can plan, view, collaborate and control your team. It allows you to take control of the finances of your projects in real time and review the initial budget, expenses and time spent using a time register.
    Working as a team assigning tasks and notifying about changes of state instantly.
    It readily schedules the necessary visits, meetings and events.
    You can differentiate from competition by helping you achieve optimum productivity and increase profits.

Our solution includes

    For companies with 10-49 employees

  • Up to 49 users
  • Unlimited Contacts
  • Management and custom customer record
  • Capturing potential customers through (Leads) manually
  • Customer opportunity management
  • Sending commercial proposals and communications from the platform.
  • Reporting, reports, planning and integrated commercial follow-up.
  • Personalized alerts and warnings.
  • Online document management.
  • Responsive multi-device design.
  • Integration with various platforms through API or webservice.
  • 100 Gb storage space.
  • Backups included.
  • Support via ticket system

Price 2.000€
* VAT not included

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