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Social media management

Promote the beneficiary companies in social networks

Execution percentages associated with the phases:

  • Primera: 40%
  • Segona: 60%

Features and services

  • Social Media Plan: Definition and implementation of a social media strategy aligned with the mission and vision of the SME, which is relevant and connects with potential customers, and retains those users who already they are.
  • Monitoring of social networks: Periodic monitoring and control through reference metrics of the impact of the actions, to quantify the results and check if the objectives set in the strategy are being met.
  • Network optimization/Social Media Audit: Analysis of the different social channels in order to optimize performance.
  • Management of a social network: Administration of the profile/user of the SME in at least one social network.
  • Publication of weekly posts: Publication by the digitizing agent of a minimum of 4-8 entries (posts) per month.

Beneficiary segment

  • 0 < 3 employees: 2.000€
  • 3 < 9 employees: 2.500€
  • 10 < 50 employees: 2.500€

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